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General terms and conditions

1. Who is the seller?

A seller is a person or a company that owns a property (land, buildings with different usage) and that can prove it with certain documents for ownership like title deeds, plans, Certificate of inheritance, etc. We welcome anyone who wants to sell or to lend a property that is owned by him/her. No agents, agencies, other mediators are allowed to advertise on our web site.

If you want to upload your property on our web site you can do it yourself by clicking on few easy steps. If you prefer to use the service of our representatives who are specialists in this field you can just contact us to organize a convenient day for the viewing. Every new offer that is uploaded on the site directly by the owner needs to be approved by representative of our company to avoid not proper listed , described properties or other problems with the presentation of the property.



2. How a Seller can help to promote and advertise his property in the best way possible?

  • to organize cleaning of the property prior making the pictures
  • throw any rubbish away
  • remove old , unused furniture and belongings that just catches the Buyer’s eyes and makes the rooms look smaller and messy
  • clean the garden and make it look nice
  • choose a nice, sunny day with blue sky to make the pictures
  • make digital pictures with good quality : outside of the house, catching it façade and part of the garden, access to the property, buildings around, neighborhood, internal pictures of all rooms (trying to be seen as much as possible the entire room), garden, any special parts of the building or the furniture that needs attention like: fireplace, BBQ area, parking place, any sheds or shelters, outbuilding
  • prepare detailed description of the property – The owner knows the best all features of his property and it is good to be written in detail in order to give the best possible idea about it to the potential Buyers. It will be great if you enlist : year of building, size of the buildings (sq m), plot size, full description about the condition of all premises, information about the furniture included in the sale or rent, heating facilities.
  • When the property is a rustic house it is good to provide information about the region, access, public transport, what other facilities are there in this village or town, its proximity to other towns and regional centers, how far from nearest airport, places of interest, main roads, water basins like artificial lakes, rivers, sea, etc.
  • If possible to draw a floor plan (with sizes of the rooms)- this information will give very good idea about the exact distribution of the rooms and its sizes and will answer many possible questions from the Buyers
  • Prior to signing any contract for sale /rent the Owners need to organize any due payments like taxes, el. And water bills, etc. to be paid
  • If a dramatic change happens during the period the property is for sale – for instance it is renovated further, to change with recent pictures and new description the way the property is advertised in order to keep it up to date.
  • To organize any maintenance needed of the garden to avoid seeing it very overgrown and not pleasant to be seen.
  • To provide any documents that can be useful for the potential buyers like: old or recent plans, title deeds, surveys
  • To guarantee access to the property – in case the owner is not in the town or not able to open all the time to appoint a person that he trusts to be a key holder and open every time a viewing is requested.
  • We kindly ask the sellers to let us know when their properties are sold or rented to help us keep our books up to date and with valid offers.

3. Who is the Buyer?

Buyers can be all persons or companies who want to view a property listed on our web site and are ready to pay our fee. They know that we don’t charge the Sellers so there is no fee on top of the asking price. They should sign a contract prior the viewings that they agree to pay our fee if a deal happens. The Buyers pay 0.35 leva/km for the organized viewings of properties that are not within the boundaries of the town (for instance in Rousse) and if they decide to buy the paid by them sum for the transport will be reimbursed to them on the day of the deal.

Our agency fee is 3 % of the selling price with a minimal fee of 500 euro.

On top of that the Buyers pay all costs for transfer of ownership that are:

  • lawyer’s fee for preparation of pre-contracts, final contract in the form of a Notarial act (Title deeds), any checks on the property
  • notarial taxes for certification of all documents for the sale-purchase like : Notarial acts, powers of attorney, declarations, etc.
  • state taxes for transfer of ownership

The buyers can use their lawyers and choose a Notary Public or they can ask us to find them a lawyer and a Notary and to organize everything for them.


4. What services we provide?

4.1. Services that can be used by the Seller :

  • to view the property at our costs in a convenient for both sides time, make pictures, prepare detailed description and upload it on our web site ( to approve the uploaded directly by the owner property on our web site directly)
  • to value the property according to the property market at that time and give recommendation of the market price to the owner
  • to serve as a key-holder for owners that want their property sold or rented but they don’t have a local representative or someone to be at disposal to open the property for viewings
  • To organize cleaning, tidying up of the property or cutting the grass in the garden at owners’ expense in order to make the property look better prior to a viewing.
  • To issue on request all needed documents for the sale on behalf of the owner with a special power of attorney provided for this purpose, as well as pay property taxes, bills, etc.
  • If an owner is ready to make us an exclusive agent for the sale or rent of his property (to be sold or rented only with us) , we shall make the property an emphasized offer on our web site free of charge, as well as on all promoting materials.

4.2. Services that can be used by the Buyers:

  • - organize viewings of properties at convenient time for all parties involved ( for rural properties the transport costs are paid by the buyer but reimbursed upon a purchase)
  • check all the documents of the properties
  • organize surveys of the property of interest at the buyer’s expense. The surveys can be different in terms of how detailed they are and may or may not contain a floor –plan drawn by an engineer/architect. The prices vary from 70 leva (transport excl.) to 500 leva.
  • Help with negotiation of payment plans for different periods of time
  • Check all bills are paid prior to signing a pre-contract or final contract
  • Transfer of water and el. Accounts to the name of the new owner, organize submission of tax declaration within 2 months after the purchase - these services can be done upon request at buyers’ expense.
  • Organize repairs of the property after the purchase, as well as estimate prior the purchase.
  • Maintain the property in the owner’s absence: collecting rents, paying bills, renovation needed execution, payment of property taxes, cleaning of the property or garden maintenance.
  • We can assist you with everything else you may need as a proud new owner of a new house or apartment like: building permissions, design projects, transport of any furniture, etc. Feel free to ask us for any specific needs you may have.


4.3. How we promote our offers?

We provide the excellent opportunity to advertise your property yourself but at the same time we have the last word to confirm the fresh offers in order to avoid not properly described properties. We guarantee that the information about a certain property is true after we see the property ourselves and mark it as a “seen by the agent”. The rest properties are described by their owners and until the information is confirmed by an agent, we can not guarantee that everything is exactly like it is described due to the fact owners often consider their property the best.

We enlist the properties on our web site, on leaflets, panels with properties in our offices that are very centrally located, as well as on the street level advertisement.

We upload fresh offers on our facebook and twitter profiles regularly as well.



The best advantage of our company is NOT INFLATED PRICES OF THE PROPERTIES. Buyers will pay the same fee for our services like the rest of the estate agents but their properties have commissions on top of the asking prices. This means they can find the properties on our books cheaper. Our staff has 10 years of experience in the filed of real estate and will make their best to satisfy all your needs.

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