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Services that can be used by the Sellers:

  • Viewing of the property at our costs, pictures, detailed description and uploading of the property on our web site
  • Valuation of the property according to the property market at that time
  • Being a key-holder and a local representative to open the property for viewings
  • Organization of cleaning, tidying up of the property or cutting the grass in the garden at owners' expense
  • Issuing all needed documents for the sale on behalf of the owner
  • Payment of all property taxes and bills for the property
  • If we are an exclusive agent for the sale or rent of your property, we shall make the property an emphasized offer on our web site free of charge, as well as on all promoting materials.
  • TOP ADVERTISEMENT ON A PRIME LOCATION at the office address at 1 Svoboda sq.
  • FREE OF CHARGE UPLOAD OF YOUR PROPERTY AT OUR WEB SITE, as well as on other paid web sites, for which you pay nothing
  • Including your property in different printed materials like leaflets, brochures, catalogues, etc.

Services that can be used by the Buyers:

  • Viewings of properties ( for rural properties the transport costs are paid by the buyer but reimbursed upon a purchase)
  • Check of all the documents of the properties
  • Organization of surveys of the properties of interest at the buyer’s expense
  • Help with negotiation of payment plans for different periods of time
  • Check all bills are paid prior to signing a pre-contract or final contract
  • Transfer of water and el. Accounts to the name of the new owner, organization of submission of tax declaration within 2 months after the purchase
  • Organization of repairs of the property after the purchase, as well as estimate prior the purchase
  • Maintenance of the property in the owner’s absence: collecting rents, paying bills, renovation needed execution, payment of property taxes, cleaning of the property or garden maintenance
  • We can assist you with everything else you may need as a proud new owner of a new house or apartment like: building permissions, design projects, transport of any furniture, etc

Feel free to contact us for any other services you may need. We are at your full disposal!

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Our Mission

Putting aside the dusty diarys traditionaly used by estate agents had a vision to use technology to revolutionise property sales and lettings using moden methods with traditional values. Gone are the days when deals take what seems like centuries to complete, with our new technology your property can be live on the internet even before our agent gets back to his office!

The vision of is simple... click it, list it, sell it!

For a fee free modern deal with traditional values call the property revolutioners today.....

I. Punova,